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30 Years of

ARCHICAD 30 Years Anniversary


Learn more about the OPEN BIM initiative started by a group of independent software vendors…

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HKIBIM Certified Expert Examination for ArchiCAD

4. August 2015 |

We are pleased announce that the HKIBIM Certified Expert Level I-II examinations are now available for ArchiCAD at IVE Engineering. The examination has been approved and recognized by HKIBIM as fulfilled the requirements of corresponding level of HKIBIM Certified Expert List (Classified) membership.


IVE: BIM Certified Expert Level I Examination

IVE: BIM Certified Expert Level II Examination

HKIBIM: Membership Assessment Criteria & Rights

Join the GRAPHISOFT BIMclub!

25 March, 2015 - 24/F |

The GRAPHISOFT BIMclub is a new initiative to increase your competitiveness by sharing knowledge in practical BIM workflows and providing a link to the ArchiCAD user community in Hong Kong.

The club membership is exclusively available for customers with SSA subscription, while some events will be also opened for guests.

How to subscribe to the SSA ...

ArchiCAD meets Cinema4D - Rendering Workshop

7pm-9pm, 25 March, Wednesday |

The GRAPHISOFT BIMclub presents the first event in the Year of the Goat that focuses on leveraging the latest feature of ArchiCAD 18:  its powerful rendering engine, directly inherited from Cinema 4D.

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Graphisoft Registered Consultant Training

24-25 November, 2014, Hong Kong |
The GRAPHISOFT Registered Consultants Program provides a globally unique methodology to train professionals, who will help architectural firms migrating from traditional 2D workflows to Building Information Modeling.

Interested in becoming a Registered Consultant?

Download Program Description here (PDF)

GRAPHISOFT Authorized Joint Training Center in Chongqing

26 March, 2015 - Chongqing, China |
GRAPHISOFT and Chongqing University and Chongqing Urban Planning Research Center signed a Strategic Partnership MOU to establish a GRAPHISOFT Authorized Joint Training & BIM Research Center. ArchiCAD Basic, Medium and Advanced level courses have started with immediate effect.

New GRAPHISOFT Authorized Training Centers are set up in Beijing

24 March, 2015 - Beijing, China |

New GRAPHISOFT Authorized Training Centers are set up in Beijing University of Technology, and Beijing BimFish Consulting Co.

Mr. Bence Kovacs, VP of Asia and Mr. Tibor Stahl, General Manager of Graphisoft Hong Kong, has presented the authorization plates. After the ceremony, each party was interviewed by ChinaBIM.

Strategic Partnership MOU with Shanghai Jiaotong University BIM Research Center

28 March, 2015 - Shanghai, China |

GRAPHISOFT has signed a Strategic Partnership MOU with Shanghai Jiaotong University BIM Research Center. The cooperation will be focusing on three fields: Research & Development, as one member of the BIM Research Center; project practice and workflow based on the SHJTU-GS Joint BIM lab; AC education and training based on GS authorized training Center.

China Architecture and Design Debate

20 March, 2015 - Shanghai |

GRAPHISOFT has been the Platinum Sponsor of the China Architecture and Design Debate 2015: An architectural discussion inspired by the nation's call for more traditional Chinese art that is patriotic, socialist, and nationalistic at its core.

On behalf of GRAPHISOFT, Bence Kovacs, VP of Asia, has been talking about the Future of BIM in the Architectural Design Process.


The Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Connection Public Beta site is now open!

The Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Connection Public Beta site is now open! Visit the site to register for the public beta and to access the beta forum, PDF guides, video tutorials and more! Sign up for the free webinar on October 6 to learn about the real-time, bi-directional workflows between ARCHICAD, Rhino and Grasshopper.
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September 25, 2015 |ARCHICAD OPEN BIM Rhino Grasshopper

Listen to what three successful architects have to say about the power of OPEN BIM and how it makes collaboration on projects seamless, while allowing them to leverage the best properties of all the software they use during the design process.

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