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BIM for Large Design Firms

20 January 2018 | Hong Kong |

LWK & Partners is a multinational architectural practice with over 800 staff, providing architectural services through its offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chongqing, Macau and Philippines.

We have interviewd Mr William Cheung, director at LWK, about their successful implementation of BIM with ARCHICAD and how it is used for the early desing stage or to comply with the stringent plan submission regulations of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong based Power User

20 January 2018 | Hong Kong |

Enzyme is a Hong Kong based power user of ARCHICAD, who are specialised in architecture and BIM consultancy. Watch the cinematic style introduction made by our GRAPHISOFT colleagues in Hong Kong.

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BIMx now supports Apple iPhone X Super Retina display!

January 23, 2018 |BIMx iOS

GRAPHISOFT’s award-winning BIMx elegantly supports the extended, full screen iPhone X, without cropping the screen’s contents. Hyper-models fill every pixel of the screen, ensuring a stunning presentation experience. In addition, all BIMx controls have been adjusted to support Apple’s newly-introduced gestures. Together, BIMx and iPhone X offer the ultimate design presentation experience on a handheld device.

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Ikeda Architecture uses BIM for interior design

Specialized in façade and interior design, Ikeda Architecture is based in Yokohama, Japan. The firm launched a full-scale BIM operation in 2015 and started working with ARCHICAD. This case study focuses on Ikeda Architecture's latest renovation project, "Itoya," one of the largest stationary stores in Japan, and how they applied BIM in the design and development of the interiors.

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”G. Itoya” 3rd floor | Photo: Toshihide Kajihara

ARCHICAD design wins first prize in Yilong Futuristic City – Masterplan Competition

Hong Kong-based enzyme and the Computational Design team of Osaka-based TAKENAKA have won the top prize in the Yilong Futuristic City competition held in China for their project entitled "Yilong, Loop Linear City." Designed using ARCHICAD, the project also included Rhino-Grasshopper and Twinmotion in the workflow.

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Image: ©enzyme

GRAPHISOFT receives Gold Stevie Award for ARCHICAD 21 marketing campaign

January 17, 2018 |GRAPHISOFT Award Stevie Marketing

GRAPHISOFT was named the winner of the 2017 Stevie Awards for Marketing Campaign of the Year a few months ago. We just received the trophy the other day, and wanted to express our thanks to the outstanding developers at GRAPHISOFT who make our jobs so worthwhile, by creating innovative solutions for architects worldwide.

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Container Architecture: winning awards and solving problems with ARCHICAD

"Shipping container-based design is becoming a whole new category of architecture as the 'tiny homes' movement gains popularity around the world, and the 2017 ARCHICAD Student Competition proves there is no end to what you can do." University students from across South Africa entered their best designs in a unique and inspiring contest launched by BimBakery.

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Image: 2nd Place - The Container Church, Teboho Bokako, University of Johannesburg

"I've always seen ARCHICAD as a tool for me to prosper in this industry." Manqoba Khuboni

Founded by Manqoba Khuboni in South Africa in 2009, Thubalethu Architects is focused on becoming architectural pioneers by creating unique designs, as well as embracing local ethnic elements for specific projects, which require the fusion of traditional and urban architectural styles. In this video, Manqoba and his team talk about the power and freedom ARCHICAD offers, especially on large projects.

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Architosh Exclusive –” Nemetschek Group Unveils Its CDE Strategy with Bluebeam Technology at its Core

"Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and we are expanding beyond just getting customers into BIM solutions,” says Flaherty. “The big trend now is getting customers into a complete digital workflow. And there is a greater workflow to be solved than BIM that runs through all the phases.” CDE is not limited to data assets coming from a BIM environment. And a key issue in inefficiency in the AEC industry is that the industry is still very much reliant on manual processes rather than digital ones. “BIM Level 2 is about exchanging information without paper, or simple exchanges like e-mail or shared drives,” adds Flaherty. “The big news today,” says Sean, “is we are working as a group on a CDE to meet our common document and process needs. The immediate goal is meeting those BIM Level 2 requirements as the first step for the Group and its CDE initiatives.”

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