ARCHICAD Objects Unleashed

ARCHICAD Objects Unleashed | MODELPORT 2.0 | light

With the release of ModelPort 2.0, developed by Day8Design, downloading and managing ARCHICAD objects has never been easier. Users can now import, edit and change settings for a wide variety of objects. Additional file formats such as MODO, Lightwave and Blender are now accessible, in addition to the popular OBJ and standard FBX formats.

ARCHICAD Objects Unleashed | MODELPORT 2.0 | Sofa table object ARCHICAD

ModelPort uses the Autodesk FBX SDK, which is the same code used by Autodesk to create a bridge between their popular 3D software: Maya, Softimage XSI, 3DStudio MAX, etc. Using the FBX SDK means there is now a reliable connection to these and many other 3D programs.

But ModelPort 2.0 offers much more. With this new release users can preview models before import as well as edit material, texture, texture placement, pen weight, fill color and more with powerful parametric editing tools.

With ModelPort 2.0 ARCHICAD users can also manage imported models and objects to reduce file size and control the polygon count thus improving speed and performance.