Cadimage Tools

Cadimage Tools enable you to get the most out of your ARCHICAD installation.

“Cadimage is committed to developing and distributing tools to help architects and designers get the most out of ARCHICAD. We think that helping you get things done faster, and with less frustration, is good for everyone. Because what we all want in the end, is to create great buildings.”

"I praise your products wherever possible and importantly, the support offered by you guys."

B Turner, 2013

The Cadimage Add-Ons for ARCHICAD

Doors + Windows

Finally - create the doors and windows the way YOU want!


End the tedium and eliminate errors.


Design custom cabinetry with ease and accuracy.


Apply a range of scalable claddings in 2D or 3D views.


Manipulate, edit and form your own objects in 3D.


Intuitive, smart electrical symbols and schedules.


Design, draw and edit stairs within your floor plan.