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LightStanza & ARCHICAD - Advanced Daylight Analysis at Your Fingertips

LightStanza is the AEC industry’s most advanced daylight analysis tool. It complements other software tools by letting you bring your model directly into the platform to get unmatched insight into how natural light interacts with your space.
Used around the world, LightStanza is an ideal choice for anyone making daylight design decisions with its intuitive, easy to use interface, powerful Radiance based simulation engine and FAST simulation times to eliminate tedious analysis that takes hours. Quickly see how you can improve views, comfort in space, reduce glare, pinpoint underlit areas in your design, and even get a detailed LEED scorecard fast.
LightStanza is also the first tool to with the ability to calculate sDA (spatial Daylight Autonomy) based on daylight hours in accordance with the new European Daylight Standard (prEN17037).

Incorporate into Your Current Workflow

Build your model in ARCHICAD, save the file, and drag & drop into your internet browser. LightStanza’s web-based software platform is specially designed to work with existing tools used by architects, engineers, daylight consultants, and sustainability focused users.

Visualize Daylight Performance with LightStanza

Fast complex annual simulation

FAST Complex Annual Simulations
Annual simulations for whole year performance and green-building certification

Glare Finder

Glare Finder
Auto-find glare hotspots in your building to mitigate glare and provide year round daylight

Product Comparison

Product Simulator
Easily drop brand name products into your design and message directly with manufacturer’s reps for any questions

European Committee for Standardization

European Standard Compliance (prEN17037)
Quickly and accurately compute a daylight report card which includes sDA with the required daylight hours

Web application

Web-Based Application - Work in Your Browser!
No install necessary. Drag & drop your file into our application without rebuilding. Bring insight to your team or clients faster with shareable links and commenting features.

Simultaneous Analyses

Save Time - Run Multiple Simulatenous Analysis at Once
Quickly simulate, compare, and share different design scenarios

Click LEED Report Cards Help You Make Design Decisions Quickly
LightStanza provides detailed LEED report cards so users can create hundreds of scorecards per year for compliance and for improving their designs.Trusted and accepted by the USGBC, LightStanza LEED report cards are quick and painless to run. LightStanza users on average receive 2 daylight credits (if not more!) just by using the tool.

Leed report card example