Jump Start your Curriculum with a FREE 10 Week BIM Curriculum

Jump Start your Curriculum with a FREE 10 Week BIM Curriculum

GRAPHISOFT is proud to provide the fastest and most powerful BIM software to the education community for FREE. Please visit the registration page to receive your free one-year personal license! Licenses can be renewed annually and you still pay nothing*.

It couldn't be easier to start teaching BIM today!

In conjunction with the free software, GRAPHISOFT has developed a free curriculum to assist in teaching ARCHICAD to students. This semester-long curriculum consists of 12 seminar lessons and five studio sessions, in which new students learn how to design and document a high-rise office building. Equipped with lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, and separate handouts for students and teachers, it contains everything a new ARCHICAD professor needs in order to confidently and effectively teach our BIM solution. To download the BIM Curriculum lectures register as a Teacher or School on

Get the FREE Curriculum today!

BIM Learning Studio

We have also created the BIM Learning Studio. It is comprised of 5 Interactive Training Guides to help aid in the transition period you will face when implementing ARCHICAD into your curriculum. The contents are free and include:

ARCHICAD virtual building
  • ➝ The ARCHICAD BIM Concept
  • ➝ Conceptual Design
  • ➝ Intermediate ARCHICAD
  • ➝ Advanced ARCHICAD
  • ➝ Using Teamwork

The CAD Academy is an engineering and architectural program for secondary and post-secondary institutions. ARCHICAD is the architectural software we use. The CAD Academy provides professional development and in-service, plus curriculum geared to industry certification for ARCHICAD as part of our program. For more information, go to or email: .

* Licenses are good for one year starting from the date of registration. An initial Serial Number will be issued that is valid for 30 days. In order to obtain a true educational license, you must first verify your student/teacher status (copy of transcript, receipt of payment, student ID card) by fax or e-mail. Once you are approved, a one year Serial Number will be generated and sent to you within 3-5 days.