GDL Software Downloads

Note: The development of GDL Software Tools such as the GDL Web Publisher/Control (GWC) and GDL Object Adapter (GOA) technologies was ceased with the release of ARCHICAD 17.

Follow the links below to download and install free GDL Tools:

GDL Object Adapter for AutoCAD

GDL Adapter offers the ability to work with intelligent and parametric GDL objects in the AutoCAD and ADT environments. GDL objects can be placed into the 2D and 3D workspace with a simple drag and drop operation. Once placed, objects can be edited at any time, including modifications to color, material or any other parameter setting. GDL objects work inside AutoCAD as common AutoCAD blocks.

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GDL Adapter

GDL Web Control/Plug-in

GDL Web Control/Plug-in provides ways of exploring products modeled with GDL, via the Internet using popular web browsers. It allows technical design data to be easily communicated using parameters, 2D/3D views and CAD connectivity via GDL objects.

Download off-line installer files of GDL Web Control/Plug-in...

GDL Web Control

GDL Publisher

GDL Publisher is an authoring tool to publish GDL objects on web pages.

Publishing a GDL library can be as simple as placing it on a web server, or as complex as writing thousands of HTML pages and data files. It all depends on the composition of the library and the quality expectations of the publisher. To get immediate results, you just need to use GDL Publisher.

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