Great Architects

A glance behind the scenes – their inspiration, vision on architecture and the use of technology in the design practice.

“We thought that our work should change this gray city…”

Archimatika, Ukraine

Archimatika was founded in a small office in Kyiv 14 years ago with four people. As one of Ukraine’s largest architectural practices, they have since grown to 260 employees including structural and MEP engineers. Given that they are all using BIM, they believe they are making the best design decisions on even very large projects.

Archimatika’s workflow has been based on OPEN BIM ever since they designed a giant shopping mall back in 2008, on a very tight deadline.

OPEN BIM Success Story: Archimatika, Ukraine

“ARCHICAD’s power of architectural expression is impressive…”

Mi'mar Architecture, Turkey

The dynamic and experienced team at Mi'mar Architecture follows the latest technologies, trends and software solutions. Located in Istanbul, the firm was founded in 2005.

Mi’mar uses ARCHICAD for smaller projects, pitches and urban scale projects. They rely on ARCHICAD when developing city-wide projects, which they find very powerful for its 3D modeling, 2D drawing, documentation and Teamwork capabilities.

Mi’mar Mimarlık ARCHICAD Deneyimlerini Paylaşıyor!

“Our efficiency and productivity has improved with BIM…”

Takenaka Corporation, Japan

Hiroyuki Shimizu, Managing Officer at Takenaka Corporation in Osaka, Japan, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. During his 36 years at Takenaka, Shimizu worked for the design department, and he has been using BIM for 10 years. Takenaka Corporation uses GRAPHISOFT software and services to leverage their strengths in integrating the design and construction phases, while keeping their workflow simple.

Hiroyuki Shimizu, Takenaka Corporation, Japan - GRAPHISOFT KCC 2019, Las Vegas

“Working with BIM concurrently between disciplines makes us even stronger…”

Nikken Sekkei, Japan

Ko Isogimi, Executive Officer, Architectural Design Department and Document Design Center Principal at Nikken Sekkei in Tokyo, Japan, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. During his 30 years with Nikken Sekkei, Isogimi worked on a wide range of large projects, including airports, factories and research centers. Employing more than two thousand architects and engineers, Nikken Sekkei is a large general design office. Isogimi believes that working with BIM concurrently between disciplines makes them even stronger.

Ko Isogimi, Nikken Sekkei, Japan - GRAPHISOFT KCC 2019, Las Vegas

“Using BIM tools is the way of the future…”

Schumetta Inc., USA

Schumetta McLendon, owner and founder of Schumetta Inc. in Malibu, California, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. Schumetta Inc. works specifically on high-end residential projects in Malibu, as well as affordable housing in Pennsylvania. An ARCHICAD user for 13 years, McLendon believes it is an intuitive and powerful tool, especially when she needs to visually present design ideas very quickly.

Schumetta McLendon, Schumetta Inc., USA - GRAPHISOFT KCC 2019, Las Vegas

“BIM gives you the chance to do things right the first time…”

LINK Arkitektur, Norway

Elizabeth Meyer, BIM Manager architect at LINK Arkitektur in Norway, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. LINK Arkitektur works specifically on university buildings, hospitals and large-scale housing projects, in 16 locations throughout Scandinavia. They use dRofus in addition to ARCHICAD for their projects. Meyer believes that architects who use BIM can focus on the good things about architecture and be creative.

Elizabeth Meyer, LINK Arkitektur, Norway - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“Create interactive experiences and tell compelling stories around architectural data with the ARCHICAD - Twinmotion live connection”

Epic Games, USA

GRAPHISOFT and Epic Games recently announced a collaboration to bring next-gen real-time rendering solutions to AEC customers. With the seamless workflow of the ARCHICAD - Twinmotion live connection, architects will experience real-time rendering and photo-realistic visualization extremely quickly and easily.

Craig Barr, from Epic Games’ Technical Marketing Team, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about this collaboration.

Craig Barr, Epic Games, USA - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“The entire value chain in the AEC industry is our core expertise…”

Surbana Jurong, Singapore

Heang Fine Wong, Group CEO of Singapore-based consultancy company Surbana Jurong, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. One of the largest Asian urban and infrastructure consultancy firms, Surbana Jurong employs 16,000 people and operates in 40 countries. Heang Fine Wong describes BIM as the technology they embrace globally.

Heang Fine Wong, Surbana Jurong, Singapore - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“There is so much exciting stuff going on out there…”

Robert McNeel & Associates, USA

Bob McNeel, President and Founder of Robert McNeel & Associates, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about the history of their product portfolio, which includes Rhino and Grasshopper. ARCHICAD users are most likely familiar with the ARCHICAD-Rhino-Grasshopper Toolset that connects the best design tools for the different design stages. These tools fill a gap in the design process between early stage design and Building Information Modeling. Bob shared with us his excitement about the impressive work he saw at the KCC using this powerful toolset.

Bob McNeel, Robert McNeel & Associates, USA - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“The time for learning ARCHICAD and being productive is very short…”

MORPH Estudio, Spain

Cesar Frias Enciso, the CEO of MORPH Estudio in Spain, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. As one of the largest architectural studios in Spain, Morph Estudio is focused on the residential and hospitality markets; they work on projects in Italy and Portugal in addition to Spain. Enciso believes that taking risks in every project makes their firm unique.

Cesar Frias Enciso, MORPH Estudio, Spain - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“It’s crazy not to use ARCHICAD, when you see everything that’s out there…”

Ordiz-Melby Architects, USA

Jeannie Bertolaccini, AIA, the principal of Ordiz-Melby Architects in USA, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. One of the things that makes Ordiz-Melby unique is their focus on educating young kids in their office and showing them the inner workings of an architectural firm. They’ve also created their own template for educating the new architects joining their team; they use ARCHICAD from start to finish.

Jeannie Bertolaccini, AIA, Ordiz-Melby Architects, USA - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“The future is moving the direction toward high-tech automation…”

Laney LA, USA

Anthony Laney, founder of Laney LA in the USA, spoke with us at the 2019 Key Client Conference about their projects. Laney LA specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects and aims to captivate their clients through an engaging process as well as a stunning result. They enjoy using ARCHICAD on their projects from start to finish, and value being a part of the worldwide GRAPHISOFT community.

Anthony Laney, Laney LA, USA - GRAPHISOFT KCC Las Vegas

“Working on the same ARCHICAD model from different countries, we are having less problems than I could ever imagine…”


M. Arch. Peter Snellman, Senior Architect and Project Manager of TILLBERG DESIGN of SWEDEN, spoke with us at the 2018 Key Client Conference about their projects. Founded in 1964, TILLBERG DESIGN of SWEDEN is a world leader in cruise ships’ interior design and they have offices in Sweden, Poland and the USA. Since their projects contain a high level of detail, they need to work on large files on the same project, from various countries. They find it very efficient and consider it a huge time-saver, that ARCHICAD reflects the revisions immediately on their model, without any problems.

Studio Pacific Architecture, NZ I GRAPHISOFT KCC 2018 Interview

“The great thing about ARCHICAD is that it is very interoperable with other software…”

Studio Pacific in Wellington, New Zealand

Daryl Calder, Principal of Studio Pacific in Wellington, New Zealand, spoke with us at the 2018 Key Client Conference about their recent projects and their experiences using ARCHICAD with other visualization software. Studio Pacific started using 3D in 1995 and they have been active users ever since. They think it is especially useful that ARCHICAD helps the architects to understand the potential for improving the workflows on the projects and it helps the clients to feel the spatial quality of their projects.

Studio Pacific Architecture, NZ I GRAPHISOFT KCC 2018 Interview

“Working in OPEN BIM definitely helps us create designs that are fully controlled by us…”

Penoyre & Prasad Architects, UK

Ana Matic, Associate Partner and Lead Architect of Penoyre & Prasad Architects in the UK, spoke with us at the 2018 Key Client Conference about their projects most notably in the public sector and their vision of architectural practice in terms of designing complex projects from the early design phase till the end of construction with BIM. Penoyre & Prasad Architects encourages BIM use within the office, especially for their younger colleagues. They appreciate the knowledge sharing and support they get from GRAPHISOFT.

Penoyre & Prasad, UK I GRAPHISOFT KCC 2018

“Our projects are a challenge, when we incorporate 25 planning disciplines in the BIM process…”

ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH, Germany

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Ziolkowski, Managing Director of ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH in Cologne, Germany, spoke with us at the 2018 Key Client Conference about their 25 years’ experience in business and the scope of projects they designed using ARCHICAD. As the designers behind the largest BIM project in Switzerland, ASTOC Architects incorporated 25 planning disciplines for this huge hospital project; they are always very satisfied with the support GRAPHISOFT gives to their company…


OPEN BIM Case Study from the Netherlands

Amersfoort Buyten, Netherlands

The new, Dutch construction project, Amersfoort Buyten, is located on the border between town and country. The complexity of the project, due to the short lead time and many design choices available to each individual (future) owner, created a challenge for the design team. For this purpose, “MAD Modeling and Design” used ARCHICAD to make the architectural BIM suitable for implementation. Several construction partners worked together with various, specialized software, and thanks to the use of OPEN BIM, this project is a huge success.

OPEN BIM It Works - Case Study from the Netherlands

“ARCHICAD is definitely adapting to this fast-paced world of ours...”

Aziz Tayob Architects, South Africa

Haneef Tayob, Director-Principal Architect of Aziz Tayob Architects in South Africa, speaks about ARCHICAD’s improvements since he started working with it in 1996. In this video, see how ARCHICAD and BIMx integrate the design and construction phases for all the stakeholders of a project and help to organize the coordination between the designers, structural engineers and contractors.

Aziz Tayob | #5 of 2018 Series

For the other architects only using 2D: please, keep using it, because it gives us an advantage over them.

Bergstreme Developments

Warren Labuschagne, Director of Bergstreme Developments, is convinced that their use of 3D technology since the firm was founded 20 years ago is what sets them apart from their competitors. Their homes have come to symbolize high quality and attention to even the most minute details. The firm uses the full palette of ARCHICAD tools to design and build luxury homes in South Africa.

Bergstreme Developments | #4 of 2018 Series

"Where ARCHICAD is becoming an extremely valuable tool, is the architect can become the Master Builder again."

Earthworld Architects

André Eksteen, Director of Earthworld Architects in South Africa, speaks about the changing role of the architect as the holder and integrator of information, and the creator of systems. In this video, learn how Earthworld works with ARCHICAD from the early design phases through construction and interior design.

Earthworld Architects | #2 of 2018 Series

BIM is the natural consequence of this process


Established over 30 years ago, Italy-based Minnucci Associati has been using ARCHICAD from the time the firm switched from paper to CAD in 1999. We sat down with Ernesto Minnucci, Founding Partner, at the 2018 Key Client Conference held in Budapest. Ernesto spoke about the firm's commitment to OPEN BIM protocols through their use of ARCHICAD and the other tools available to them as a result. He also walked us through their work on the Naples Central Station, a project that has since been recognized with a 2018 buildingSMART International Award in the Operations and Maintenance category.


We want to become one with the surroundings, and let nature thrive.

Oppenheim Architecture, USA

With offices in Miami, New York and Switzerland, award-winning Oppenheim Architecture is well-known for using architecture to capture the culture, context and climate of a particular place. In this short interview, Principal and Lead Designer Chad Oppenheim speaks about the common thread that runs through everything he stands for as an architect. A long-time ARCHICAD user, Chad also speaks about the special level of attention his firm enjoys as a Key Client.

Chad Oppenheim, Principal and Lead Designer | We want to become one with the surroundings, and let nature thrive

Communications is the key to global success

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Austria

Michael Lohmann of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in Austria reveals the secret to their success: communications. In this short interview, Michael speaks about the benefits of working with ARCHICAD on projects from Karlsruhe, Germany to Goyang, South Korea. Learn how the firm leverages the Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD connection to create iconic designs around the world.

Fulton Trotter Architects highlights benefits of OPEN BIM and IFC on major project

Award-winning Finnish architecture firm finds true calling in designing schools

Aarti Ollila Ristola Arkkitehdit Oy, Finland

Based in Helsinki, award-winning AOR Architects designs, among others, complex public buildings and future learning environments for the acclaimed Finnish national curriculum. Their passion for designing with timber resulted in a winning proposal for a Finnish high school that will be the world’s largest timer building once built. We spoke with Arto Ollila, Architect and Partner at AOR Architects, to learn about some of the firm's current projects, as well as the special relationship AOR enjoys with local GRAPHISOFT partner, MAD.

Fulton Trotter Architects highlights benefits of OPEN BIM and IFC on major project

Fulton Trotter Architects highlights benefits of OPEN BIM and IFC on major project

Fulton Trotter, Australia

We spoke with Paul Trotter and Nathan Hildebrandt, both Directors at Fulton Trotter Architects, at the 2018 Key Client Conference in Budapest. The duo highlighted their recent work on John Wesley Gardens, an aged care facility. It is one of their first major projects where they employed OPEN BIM processes and IFC communication and collaboration methodologies with their consultant teams. Watch the video to learn the results of their efforts, as well as how they are preparing for the Australian government’s goal to make BIM mandatory.

Fulton Trotter Architects highlights benefits of OPEN BIM and IFC on major project

"I bought it within 15 minutes, ‘cause I was so impressed with what it could do."

Riverstone Structural Concepts, USA

Based in Boise, Idaho, Riverstone Structural Concepts is a structural engineering firm that works exclusively in ARCHICAD. Founder and Principal Patrick Bird attended the 2018 Key Client Conference in Budapest and spent a few moments catching up with us about how Riverstone involves their clients through the Teamwork function. Watch the video to learn about the firm’s focus on quality and GRAPHISOFT CEO Viktor Varkonyi’s attention to clients.

I bought it within 15 minutes, ‘cause I was so impressed with what it could do

"We changed to ARCHICAD because of this building."

Degelo Architekten, Switzerland

GRAPHISOFT chose the iconic University Library Freiburg as the ARCHICAD 22 ‘signature building’ to highlight ARCHICAD’s remastered Façade Design workflow. The flexible design environment allows architects to create both external and internal façades using modular structures and hierarchical, easily customizable patterns. We spoke with Heinrich Degelo at the 2018 Key Client Conference in Budapest to learn more about the library. What a surprise to learn that his firm made the switch to ARCHICAD because of this building! Watch the video to hear the fascinating reason why!

We changed to ARCHICAD because of this building

ÅWL Architects relies on GRAPHISOFT BIMx to communicate design vision

ÅWL Architects, Sweden

With offices in Stockholm and Norrköping, ÅWL Architects is one of Sweden's leading architecture firms in the residential design and landscaping industry. We spoke with Nassir Kassab, BIM Strategist, and Camilla Lindberg, BIM Manager, about the firm's focus on sustainability in their work. The duo also highlighted the use of BIMx as an important tool in communicating design vision to their clients.

ÅWL Architects relies on GRAPHISOFT BIMx to communicate design vision

China’s JZFZ is breaking down the barriers to BIM by designing award-winning projects with ARCHICAD

JZFZ, China

With 4,000 employees, JZFZ is the 3rd largest, privately-owned architecture firm in China. We caught up with Jiaju Zhao, Director of the BIM Research Center at JZFZ, at the 2018 Key Client Conference held in Budapest, Hungary. He spoke about the efficiencies found in ARCHICAD that make it the obvious choice for large-scale design projects, such as the residential project designed by Vanke. The 400,000-500,000 square meter project earned JZFZ several national BIM competition awards. Jiaju Zhao was joined by Quing Zhong, JZFZ marketing manager. She spoke about how JZFZ is knocking down the myths associated with BIM, ensuring that their clients fully understand the benefits of working with ARCHICAD as a tool to achieve their design and construction goals.

China’s JZFZ is breaking down the barriers to BIM by designing award-winning projects with ARCHICAD

"ARCHICAD is an all-encompassing architectural tool…perfect for what we need."

DKO, Australia

DKO have been ARCHICAD users since day one of the company’s founding in 2000. With offices in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam, the firm relies heavily on ARCHICAD’s efficiencies from concept to delivery. We caught up with DKO’s National BIM Manager, Blair Calvert, at the 2018 Key Client Conference in Budapest. In addition to a summary of recent projects, Blair was good enough to share with our audience the level of support DKO receives from GRAPHISOFT when and if needed. Watch the video to learn more about DKO’s outstanding client portfolio.

ARCHICAD is an all-encompassing architectural tool…perfect for what we need

"Small is beautiful...but not too small"

RA Studio, Portugal

In this interview, Luís Rebelo de Andrade introduces his firm, RA Studio, and discusses their strengths in the hospitality and rehabilitation area of architecture and design. The firm is on the smaller side, but because of their agility is able to win large-scale projects across Portugal. He speaks about how, during his career, he has gone from drawing with a pencil to designing full-scale projects on computers and what that means for the industry as a whole. Watch the video to learn about a fascinating project involving a thermal spa!

Portugal's Vision for Contemporary Architecture - RA\\ Architectural & Design Studio

"Architecture is not an image, it should be lived"

Lousinha Arquitectos, Portugal

Paulo Louisnha's vision dictates that he does not simply replicate work from one project to the next, or from one era to the next. That is why designing a residence in a very traditional area of Portugal was such a challenge. The local authorities initially rejected his design of a home because it did not look like the other ones in the town. Learn how Louisinha overcame this challenge to build an iconic residence in Costa Nova.

Portugal's Vision for Contemporary Architecture - Lousinha Arquitectos

"Architecture and engineering have changed a lot with computers!"

Serodio Furtado & Associados, Portugal

In this interview, we learn from Joao Pedro Serodio of Serodio Furtado & Associados, what benefits technology has brought to the field of architecture and engineering. For example, according to Serodio, the ability to calculate at a different capacity, has made buildings different. How? Technology brings to the project "things that we sometimes do not even notice." Watch the video to learn about i3S, a fascinating design project of a health research institute.

Portugal's Vision for Contemporary Architecture - Serôdio Furtado & Associados - Arquitectos

Major hospital development in Australia designed using ARCHICAD

HDR, Australia

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Queensland is the largest, non-replacement greenfield hospital built in Australia in the past 25 years. Challenges surrounding the completion requirements of the project made it necessary for the designers and engineers to think out of the box when it came to working with a variety of stakeholders. Architectural firm HDR's recommendation to employ IFC to overcome these challenges was initially met with skepticism. The client didn't believe that an IFC-based “open” workflow could handle a project of this size and scope. However, HDR proved that combining ARCHICAD and dROFUS was the best way to deliver a project of this magnitude.

HDR Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Happiness is...

19N99W, Mexico

...collaboration. And communication. And Teamwork. The second in a series of videos by GRAPHISOFT Latin America introduces 19N99W Architects and focuses on the concept of happiness through collaboration and communication using BIMcloud and BIMx.

19N99W Architects

From pencil to pixel...

Rivadeneyra Architects, Mexico

GRAPHISOFT Latin America recently launched a video series focused on the personal and emotional benefits of working with ARCHICAD. The first video in the series introduces Rivadeneyra Architects of Mexico, and is based on a father and son's inter-generational relationship, where ideas and sketches are transformed into 3D models in a simple and effective way.

Rivadeneyra Architects

COA credits BIMx with bridging communication gap

Craft of Architecture, South Africa

This interview was conducted with South African firm, Craft of Architecture .
COA is a design focused architectural firm that believes in craft filtering down to the last degree; from concept to final product. It is this ‘hands on approach’ that is evident in everything they do. Valuing the creative process above all else places a strong emphasis on a collaborative approach. All of this is made possible by the smart, imaginative minds of their design teams, supported by a strong professional organization, enabling projects to flow smoothly and timely.

Craft of Architecture

"I've always seen ARCHICAD as a tool for me to prosper in this industry." Manqoba Khuboni

Thubalethu Architects, South Africa

This interview was conducted with Manqoba Khuboni, founder and Mvuyelwa Mbotheni junior architect of the South African firm, Thubalethu Architects.
Founded in 2009, Thubalethu Architects is focused on becoming architectural pioneers by creating unique designs, as well as embracing local ethnic elements for specific projects, which require the fusion of traditional and urban architectural styles. In this video, Manqoba and his team talk about the power and freedom ARCHICAD offers, especially on large projects.

Thubalethu Architects

Ostozhenka Architects 'live together' with ARCHICAD

Ostozhenka Architects, Russia

This interview was conducted with Ivan Voronezhsky, architect at Ostozhenka Architects in Moscow, who talks about their multi-decade ARCHICAD experiences. Ostozhenka Architects was founded in 1989, initially as part of the Research and Design Center of the Moscow Architectural Institute; it became an independent private office in 1992. The team's first project was the reconstruction of the "Ostozhenka" microdistrict - a fragment of the historic nucleus of Moscow. This urban planning and architectural design project occupied the office for a decade and also gave it its name.


"We like the idea that we're treated as part of the family"

Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, South Africa

Osmond Lange Architects & Planners was established in 1929 and is one of the larger architectural practices in South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Cape Town. The company has built up extensive design and technological expertise specializing in large projects and has actively participated in some of the largest joint ventures in South Africa as lead consultants. The practice blends architecture, urban design and development management skills to deliver an integrated package of professional services to its clients. In this video, you'll hear what the architects at Osmond Lange appreciate most about ARCHICAD and about their relationship with GRAPHISOFT.

We like the idea that we're treated as part of the family

Mark Ussher Architects credit ARCHICAD with growth

South Africa

With the goal of extending their reach and increasing product awareness, GRAPHISOFT South Africa has decided to create a series of digital user testimonials. We are pleased to present their first piece conducted with Mark Ussher, Director, Mark Ussher Architects (MUA). In this video, we learn how MUA used ARCHICAD to convey the design concept and aesthetic to their client, Fugitives’ Drift Lodge. In addition to involving the client in the design process, Mark credits ARCHICAD with a workflow that helps MUA achieve a level of accuracy and efficiency that would be impossible otherwise.
Watch the video to learn which tools Mark finds the most useful for his practice and how he credits ARCHICAD with helping to achieve MUA’s business goals.

Marc Ussher Architects credit ARCHICAD with growth

Schønherr A/S - Landscape architecture with ARCHICAD

Schønherr A/S, Denmark

This interview was conducted with Frank Hasling Pedersen, Architect, IT and BIM manager of Denmark-based Schønherr A/S, one of Denmark’s largest and most experienced landscape architecture, infrastructure and urban planning firms. Schønherr offers a wide range of services within landscaping and urban design. Schønherr works with planning and design of the unbuilt environment and has wide experience in delivering solutions on all levels in the fields of urban and landscape architecture.
Schønherr is in the transition process of changing their AutoCAD-based routine to a BIM-based workflow using ARCHICAD and LAND4. LAND4 is a comprehensive landscaping add-on created by Land Software, that lets landscape architects design and detail their projects using BIM.

Schønherr A/S - Landscape architecture with ARCHICAD

LWK & Partners - BIM transition in Hong Kong

LWK & Partners, Hong Kong

This interview was conducted with William Cheung, Director of Hong Kong-based LWK & Partners whose firm is in a transition to BIMcloud and ARCHICAD. In the interview, Mr. Cheung introduces the 600-person architectural office and gives a short insight into their ARCHICAD implementation process. With more than 30 years of experience, LWK & Partners is known as one of the key architects in the high-end residential development found in Hong Kong and China. LWK & Partners is among those architectural practices that have multiple designs among the world’s 100 tallest buildings. The firm was one of the earliest in Hong Kong to convert to BIM more than 10 years ago, but after facing various usability obstacles with the chosen software, they suspended the process for years. LWK is also involved in shaping Hong Kong’s government BIM policy.

LWK & Partners - BIM transition in Hong Kong

HLM Architects delivers healthcare with ARCHICAD

HLM Architects, United Kingdom

Edinburgh, Scotland's newest healthcare facility is a vast project. In this short documentary created by, HLM Architects explain how they delivered the £150M Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Department of Clinical Neurosciences using ARCHICAD. According to Mark Harrison, BIM Co-ordinator and Architectural Technologist at HLM Architects, “All of our drawings are produced in the 3D model, in ARCHICAD. The majority [of the data] is then exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets which are uploaded to the CDE.” HLM Architects cited ARCHICAD’s team-working capability as a key benefit over other platforms, particularly on a scheme of this nature where they regularly communicated and exchanged information between their UK offices.

Video created by The

HLM Architects delivers healthcare with ARCHICAD

Local strength leads to successful projects worldwide using ARCHICAD

3LHD Architects, Croatia

3LHD is a collaborative architectural studio, focused on the integration of architecture, art and (urban) landscape, an approach which has resulted in a series of projects and realizations in Croatia and abroad. We spoke with Marko Dabrović, Partner, and Krunoslav Szoersen, Architect, to learn how the team at 3LHD has leveraged their migration to BIM using ARCHICAD to land major projects from Croatia to China.

3LHD's local strength leads to successful projects worldwide using ARCHICAD



Jakob Andreassen, BIM Manager of BIG shares how they are working with GRAPHISOFT to develop a plug-in for Rhino and ARCHICAD so that they can link geometries and data from both software into each other. This will allow them to leverage the best that each software has to offer throughout the design process.



POLYFORM Arkitekter

"As an architect, it's important for us to use tools that suit us in our way to design," says Christoffer Lissau Lund, Architect. OPEN BIM has made it easier for POLYFORM to design and collaborate on team projects.


BIM Equity and OPEN BIM

BIM Equity

"We believe that OPEN BIM is the key solution to ensuring that we have one model from the first sketch...from start to finish," says Thomas Graabaek, Partner/Architect of BIM Equity.

According to Thomas, ARCHICAD and OPEN BIM have made it easier and more fun for architects to learn to work with BIM.

480 Hay Street

Project: 480 Hay Street

480 Hay Street, Perth is a $500 million mixed-use redevelopment offering a luxurious 5 star Westin hotel, office, retail and dining space options for locals and visitors alike. The project, managed by BPi, is the first of its kind in Australia to adopt a true Open BIM approach.

The project employs best of breed 3D modelling and documentation solutions such as ARCHICAD, BIMx, Solibri, Revit and Tekla. Model files are coordinated and information sharing is enabled between project participants using the latest techniques and standards such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) to enable timely, accurate exchanges between project participants. This Open BIM approach has eliminated proprietary lock-in and is reducing inefficiency and waste across the project.

480 Hay Street

Peter Clewes, Principal
Project: Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex — ARCHICAD 18 Signature Building

Peter Clewes, Principal, architectsAlliance, shares his experience designing and seeing to completion the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex. Located at Brock University, about 100 miles outside Toronto, Ontario, the highly complex project presented a number of design challenges. Watch the video to learn why and how the hexagon played such an important part in the design and construction of this major research center.

Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex

EZRA Architects, Singapore

EZRA Architects was established in Singapore in 2005. In this video, founder and principal architect, Lim Kee Hua, talks about why he chose ARCHICAD, and how they work with the award-winning software on a diverse range of projects that span the globe.

EZRA Architects

Bernardo Farkasvölgyi
Farkasvölgyi Arquitetura, Brazil
Project: Hotel Golden Tulip BH

A golden tulip blooms with BIM

In 2011, Farkasvölgyi Arquitetura started eight hotel projects in the Belo Horizonte region. One of the hotels presented itself as a major challenge to the entire team; it was a retrofit of the old and unfinished "Beira Rio Hotel“ in downtown Belo Horizonte. The refurbishment required correcting numerous irregularities from the time it was built and were more critical due to the demands of the new laws that now govern the AEC market. Thanks to BIM, ARCHICAD, and GRAPHISOFT's BIMx Hyper-models, the architects, engineers, and other trades were able to collaborate in a very coordinated way, ensuring the high quality completion of this very challenging project.

Hotel Golden Tulip BH

Daniel Taraczky, Lead Architect & CEO
Abdel-Rahim Chehadé, Architect
Dorottya Gőz, Architect
László Gőz, Founder of BMC
art1st design studio, Hungary
Project: Budapest Music Center, 2013

An architecturally and culturally unique institution, the Budapest Music Center is one musician’s 30-year dream come true. The architects from art1st studio and the founder of the institute guide the viewers through this elegantly designed, multi-functional building, including their use of ARCHICAD on the project as well as the building's historical background and future mission. The article on this project can also be found here.
* For English subtitle please turn on the youtube caption.

Budapest Music Center

House at Cuil Bay — BIMx success story
Architect: John Gilbert Architects
Project: Residential house at Cuil bay, Scotland

Through a commissioned family house project at Cuil Bay in Scotland, John Gilbert Architects started to explore BIMx as a communication tool with the client. BIMx became an essential channel between them, enabling the client especially to understand the "real space" of her house. Watch this video and discover how BIMx unravels what the 2D documents couldn't express for the client and made it so much more fun!

John Gilbert Architects

Exhibition Design with BIM — Nationalmuseum of Sweden
CAD/BIM Expert: Joakim E. Werning

An unprecedented way of designing exhibitions using BIM: The Nationalmuseum of Sweden embraced the concept of using 3D CAD to design their exhibitions approximately 10 years ago. Today, the museum not only uses GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD for designing and managing exhibit installations, but also to provide extremely precise BIMx models of their exhibitions for website visitors to download and view. CAD/BIM Expert for exhibition designs, Joakim E. Werning, hopes to develop this virtual exhibition technology even further for their future exhibitions.
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Carl Larsson Exhibition
LIAG Architects, the Netherlands
Project: Schravenlant public comprehensive school
Client: OSVS

LIAG was founded in 1919 by Dirk Roosenburg who was a contemporary of the architects Dudok, Rietveld and Oud, and many of his buildings have been declared a national monument. Today, together with clients, the firm creates powerful properties with a positive attitude towards the environment and its users. LIAG has strong affinity with the realization of integrated sustainable housing solutions that also take into account the total life of a building.

In 2010, LIAG won a European tender to rebuild the Schravenlant public comprehensive school in Schiedam in the Netherlands.

This video explains – through the school building project – LIAG's "cradle to cradle" approach, their way of sustainable thinking, concerns for the health of the users of the building, and why beauty is essential for the building to be integrated into society.

Please turn on the English captions to see the subtitles.

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LIAG Architects

Dag Strass, Architect
Helen & Hard Architects, Norway
Project: Vennesla Library and Cultural Center 2011
Client: Vennesla Kommune

Helen & Hard was founded in 1996 in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway by Norwegian architect Siv Helene Stangeland and Austrian architect Reinhard Kropf. Today, the company has a youthful staff of 20 drawn from 8 different countries, with offices in both Stavanger and Oslo. Helen and Hard designs a wide variety of projects ranging from single family houses to large public buildings, from offices and multi-family housing projects to master planning.

The award-winning Vennesla Library and Cultural Center is located in a small town, Vennesla, Norway. It comprises a library, a café, meeting places and administrative areas and links an existing community house and learning centre together. The designers developed a "rib" concept to create useable hybrid structures that combine a timber construction with all technical devices and the interior.

Helen & Hard Architects

Marcellus Lilley, Associate
Karl Frost, Senior Technician
Studio Pacific, New Zealand
Project: The Rock, Wellington Airport, 2010 (in association with Warren and Mahoney Architects)
Client: Wellington International Airport Ltd.

Studio Pacific was established in Wellington in 1992 by Nicholas Barratt-Boyes, B. Arch, ANZIA, RIBA; Stephen McDougall, B.B.Sc, B.Arch, FNZIA; and Evzen Novak, B. Arch (Hons), ANZIA, RIBA. Prior to establishing the Studio, the directors studied and/or worked together in New Zealand before working for a period in Europe. The collective international experience greatly influenced the direction of the practice. From early design competitions and small residential commissions, Studio Pacific has evolved into an award-winning creative practice with diverse projects throughout New Zealand.

Studio Pacific

The Wellington International Airport Passenger Terminal required a unique and innovative design. Marcellus Lilley, Associate and Lead Project Architect and Karl Frost, Senior Technician explain the process that resulted in the multi award-winning Airport Terminal building in 2010.

Orcutt | Winslow

Orcutt | Winslow was established over four decades ago by two Arizona State University graduates eager to take on the architectural field with new and innovative design solutions. Along with the philosophies that "a project can only be as good as the information gathered," and "behind every well-designed building is an architect who took the time to thoroughly understand the client's needs," Herman Orcutt and Paul Winslow began building client-focused design teams that could offer personal service during each stage of the architectural process.

Saravanan Balasubramanian, LEED AP and Russ Sanders, AIA member also reveal the keys to winning the project in Mumbai, India, and how they expect the project, Sahana Pride, to progress using the latest technologies.

Orcutt | Winslow

Hassan Saffarini, Director of Engineering, Adnan Saffarini Office, reveals why the recession was the turning point for the firm to move to BIM, and how he hopes other disciplines of the building industry will follow suit.

Hassan Saffarini, Director of Engineering, Adnan Saffarini Office, reveals why the recession was the turning point for the firm to move to BIM, and how he hopes other disciplines of the building industry will follow suit.

Najaf Hospital

iPda (integrated PROCESS design associates) is an emerging firm, offering customized workflow to building projects and project teams at an international level.

Charles Good-Man, President at iPda, talks about BIM workflow and the way the firm embraces “Design Build”, the building industry’s newest frontier. In the second part of the interview, he explains how the BIM Server enabled iPda to build an international project team network.


Established in 1900, Nikken Sekkei Architects, Engineers and Planners is Japan’s largest design firm.

Tomohiko Yamanashi is the executive officer and principal in the architectural design department, and has been the key figure in many of the firm’s innovative designs. In the interview, he talks about the concept of Tokyo’s Mokuzai Kaikan (‘Timber Hall’) and how BIM enabled his team to collaborate with craftsmen who work with modern digital technology, as well as the unlimited possibilities of simulation using BIM.

Nikken Sekkei

Didier Girardet, President, Thierry Deschaumes, Associate,
A.C.D. Girardet & Associés, Versailles, France
A.C.D. Girardet & Associés was established in Versailles in 1983.

Their work is strongly oriented towards sports facilities of all sizes, including recreational areas and school or community gyms, as well as large-scale projects such as stadiums. One of their most important projects to date was the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, in which they had to meet constraints specific to this particular project: the timeframe, for example, meant that all construction work had to be completed between two tournaments...

The interview was conducted by Abvent France, in partnership with the French Tennis Federation, owner of Roland Garros, the French Open.

A.C.D. Girardet & Associés

Darren Tims, Principal, Director of Projects, Rice Daubney, Australia

Rice Daubney is a creative firm for architecture, planning and design with experience spanning 30 years across Australia and Asia. As one of Australia's leading architectural practices, Rice Daubney produces projects that have a common emphasis on quality, commercial focus, and innovation in design, across all the sectors of the business; Commercial + Workplace, Retail, Health + Research and Defence.

Darren Tims

Craig Baudin, Associate Director of Fender Katsalidis Architects, Victoria, Australia

Craig Bauding has a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and is a registered Architect. Prior to joining FKA he worked on a number of large residential, commercial and mixed use projects in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. In September 2007 he was made an Associate Director of the practice. Craig brings a broad based range of experience across all phases of the project cycle, from early concept through to completion.

Craig Baudin

Abelardo M. Tolentino, Jr., President & CEO, Aidea Philippines, Inc.

At the start of his career, Aidea Philippines CEO & President, Abelardo Tolentino, Jr. envisioned a Filipino design firm that would lead and inspire the industry through its designs, relationships and global thinking. He changed the mindset of his people and inspired them to continuously innovate the way they design.

Under his leadership, Aidea has broken into the international market. They have completed numerous projects for clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Abelardo M. Tolentino, Jr.

Prof. Hilde Léon, Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architects

Prof. Hilde Léon founded the office together with Konrad Wolhage in 1987. Berlin is the starting point and the inspiration for their work. All their projects, both German and international, are planned in the Berlin office. In addition to public building projects, offices, and residences, the firm also develops urban planning concepts.

Prof. Hilde Léon

Prof. Dietrich Fink, Prof. Thomas Jocher, Fink + Jocher Architects

The office of Dietrich Fink and Thomas Jocher was founded in 1991 in Munich. Since that time, they have established themselves with not only residential, office, and industrial planning projects, but also in the area of national and international urban planning. The firm's slogan, "To design is to explore," has resulted in a number of prestigious awards.

Prof. Dietrich Fink, Prof. Thomas Jocher

György Fazakas, Principal, Fazakas György Architects
With an office located in Budapest in a state-of-the-art building designed by his own firm, Fazakas György has made a name for himself as a well-respected international architect.

Based on his experiences working at an architectural firm in New York City from 1985 to 1989, Fazakas urges all young architects to get as much experience as they can working abroad before settling down back home. This is also important because, according to Fazakas, international teamwork has become a key component to any successful building project.

György Fazakas

Philippe Madec, Principal, Atelier Philippe Madec

Since 1989, when Philippe Madec opened his first office in Paris, he has focused mainly on architecture's role in sustainable development. By doing so, he has earned the respect of his colleagues worldwide. Madec's architectural and urban approach forms part of a wider environmental framework, "rooted in the earth and its resources," as he likes to say.

Philippe Madec

Xavier Gonzalez, Principal, Atelier d'Architecture Brenac + Gonzalez

Brenac + Gonzalez, founded by Olivier Brenac and Xavier Gonzalez in 1978, has grown to be one of the most highly-respected architectural firms in France. Their shared vision for excellence in design has earned them a coveted spot among the top architectural firms.

Xavier Gonzalez

Thomas A. Heinz, AIA, Chicago, USA

Thomas A. Heinz, AIA, of Libertyville, Illinois has worked on more than 40 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, restorations, and reconstructions. As a renowned Wright devotee scholar and author of 30 books, Thomas A. Heinz brought the vision of Wright to life on the 11-acre Petre Island in Mahopac just 40 miles north of New York City.

Using ARCHICAD, Heinz was able to translate the original design into the very difficult rock terrain of the island, while preserving the original Frank Lloyd Wright design and addressing the realities of current building, energy and zoning requirements.

Thomas A. Heinz

Vladimir I. Plotkin, TPO Reserve, Moscow, Russia

"The main thing is an attraction for shape."

Vladimir Plotkin is the chief designer of the TPO "Reserve" architectural design firm in Moscow, Russia. He designed numerous hotels, offices, residential complexes, skyscrapers and other land-mark buildings in Moscow and in St Petersburg. Plotkin is also a professor MArchI (Moscow Architectural Institute) and a member of board MOSA, laureate of the "Golden Section" Prizes in 1999 and 2001of the International Academy of Architecture.

Vladimir I. Plotkin

Juli Capella, Capella Garcia Arquitectura, Barcelona, Spain

Juli Capella from Capella-Garcia Arquitectes is known as one of the most important figures in contemporary architecture and design in Spain. Some of their outstanding projects are the Heron City or the OMM Hotel in Barcelona. They believe their style as a non-style.

Juli Capella

Ivo Venkov, paastudio, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA

Ivo Venkov and his wife Rossi Venkov are known as the "Coolest Architects" in the United States after winning a Merit Award for their Pacific Palisades Residence project in 2005. They call their architecture 'livable minimalism'.

Ivo Venkov

David Sutherland, Fender Katsalidis Architects, Victoria, Australia

David Sutherland is the Director of Planning of one of the foremost design firms in Australia. Fender Katsalidis' international projects include Southeast Asia and the Middle East. They have designed the 90 story Eureka Tower, one of the highest residential towers in the world. Compared to earlier days, they enjoy work and the efficiency of it by using Information Technology that is translating their thoughts in to build reality.

David Sutherland

Zhang Xiaolei, Architect, China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing, China

China Design is the largest architectural firm in China with nearly 2,000 employees. Among the Group's well-known masterpieces are Beijing Railway Station, China Art Gallery and many more completed projects in Beijing. Since 1986, the Group was awarded 289 design prizes, including 5 international prizes.

Zhang Xiaolei

Thomas Rau, Principal, RAU Architecture, The Netherlands

Dutch Architect Thomas Rau started his firm in 1993 and became best known for his ING-bank offices and Europe's first CO2-free building, the World Wildlife Fund headquarters in Zeist, Netherlands. Rau describes his guiding principle as "open-minded architecture", providing the client with what he/she really wants, and not necessarily with what he/she asked for.

Thomas Rau

Chad Oppenheim, Principal, Oppenheim Architecture+Design, Miami, US

Heralded in the press as changing the face of "Miami modernism", Chad Oppenheim was awarded the AIA Outstanding Young Architect of the Year prize five years ago.

Chad Oppenheim

Prof. Gustav Peichl, Principal; Katharina Fröch, Partner; Christoph Lechner, Partner; Peichl & Partner Architects, Vienna, Austria

A virtuoso architect and equally famous sketch artist, he is famed for his large-scale projects in Europe and the Middle East. His Millennium Tower is a landmark building that can be seen across Vienna.

Prof. Gustav Peichl

Jan Kleihues, Principal, Kleihues + Kleihues Architects, Berlin, Germany

His Berlin-based practice boasts a host of embassies and Berlin's tallest hotel building. With a long history of post-war reconstruction design, the firm has had a massive impact on the face of the city.

Jan Kleihues

Michel Rojkind, Principal, Rojkind Architects, Mexico City, Mexico

Last year Architectural Record voted this exuberant Mexican architect as at the vanguard of building design. A powerful exponent of ARCHICAD, he is an enthusiastic example to anyone who still doubts the power of virtual design.

Michel Rojkind

An archaic modernistAxel Schultes, Principal, Schultes Frank Architekten, Berlin, Germany

His seminal works are in Berlin and include the Chancellery building and the much-acclaimed Crematorium, which brought him international recognition and inspired many other designers.

Axel Schultes

The Orcutt/Winslow PartnershipPaul Winslow, FAIA Principal; Herman Orcutt, AIA Principal; Russ Sanders, AIA, Orcutt/Winslow Associate and Virtual Building Committee Coordinator, Arizona, US

The practice was named the AIA Arizona 2004 Architectural Firm of the Year and 2005 Western Mountain Region Firm of the Year, having completed more than 1,800 projects worth billions in construction revenue. Absolutely devoted to ARCHICAD.

The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership

Tomohiko Yamanashi, Project Director, Nikken Sekkei Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Nikken Sekkei Architects, Engineers and Planners is Japan's largest design firm, and has worked on 20,000 projects across some 40 countries. It just won the Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) architecture Gold Medal for the Laboratory for the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Japan.

The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership